Notes on Color and Painting, by Ken Kewley

Norman Turner Writings

Edwin Dickinson, Interview with Dorothy Seckler, 1962

Fairield Porter

Matisse on Art , (Matisse in his own words, from the book Matisse on Art, by Jack Flamm)

Between Earth & Sky, by Stuart Shils

How Do You Learn to be An Artist?, by Mercedes Matter

What Have We Made of the Landscape, by Rackstraw Downes

What the Sixties Meant to Me, by Rackstraw Downes

Words on Art, by Alan Feltus

Alberti On Painting (1435)

Joshua Reynolds: Discourses on Art (1769-90)

Painterly Representation, by Louis Finklestein

Robert D’Arista: Notes

The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci

The Reilly Papers

William Morris Hunt (1824-1879): Talks About Art


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