2013 OWU Seniors Exhibition at the Ross Art Museum

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2011 Graduates: Jo Hartley

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This is the first posting of many, featuring the individual graduating senior painting students from Ohio Wesleyan University, 2011. The order in which students appear is totally random. First up is Jo Hartley, who, last we heard, is somewhere in Austria.

OWU’s Emerging Artists 2011

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May 2011 saw the graduation of many talented students from the BFA and BA programs at Ohio Wesleyan University.  Four years of hard work and profound growth – all of the tears, joys, uncertainties, fears, and triumphs that mark the creative process – culminates in the Senior Show at the Ross Art Museum on campus. The exhibition is an annual rite of passage for these students as they make the transition from college art majors to artists in their own right.  Their presence in the studios of Edgar and Haycock Halls will be missed by peers and teachers, but their influence on OWU and those coming up behind them will remain.

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