Matisse’s Advice to Young Painters

January 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

“A young painter should realize that he does not have to invent everything, but that he should above all get things straight in his mind by reconciling the different points of view expressed in the beautiful works by which he is affected, and at the same time by directly questioning nature.  After he has become acquainted with his means of expression, the painter should ask himself, ‘What do I want?’ and proceed in his researches, both simple and complex, to try to find it.  If he can preserve his sincerity toward his deeper sentiment without trickery or without being too lenient with himself, his curiosity will not desert him and he will therefore have in his old age the same ardour for hard work and the necessity to learn that he had when young. What could be better!”

From Matisse on Art, by Jack Flam










Carmelina, by Henri Matisse                  Henri Matisse, by Andre Derain


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